About Ecolour

At Ecolour, we use breakthrough technology to manufacture premium quality water based paint that is 100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Suitable for interior, exterior and timber finishes, it’s durable, easy to apply, provides great coverage, and we can match just about any colour from any paint chart. Ecolour is simply a better way to paint.

Ecolour is a 100% Australian owned company with unique products from over 20 years of research and development.  Our dedicated team are proud to provide excellent quality products that are better for peoples’ health, and for the environment.  We deliver paint Australia wide and our sales support team can either help over the phone or in person at our Byron Bay, Melbourne and Canberra stores.

Zero VOCs

Regular paints release toxic solvents and petrochemicals into the air as they dry. These are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are proven to contribute to many health conditions including cancer, breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and even cancer. VOCs can continue outgassing for many years after application severely reducing the quality of your indoor air. Ecolour paints have ZERO VOCs and are therefore completely non-toxic and safe to use around babies, pregnant women and the chemically sensitive.

100% Australian

In an industry dominated by multi-national chemical companies, Ecolour is wholly Australian owned. We proudly use innovative Australian technology to make our superior products in Australia. This means we use our local workforce to make, label, promote and deliver our products showing our commitment to supporting Australian families and our economy.


Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) is an independent environmental labeling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods. All Ecolour products carry the GECA label, a reflection of our commitment to superior health and environmental performance.

Green Star

Ecolour provides the best possible air quality for all Green Star projects. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recognise Ecolour as a supplier of qualifying products for indoor air pollutant credits. Given Ecolour is cost competitive with the major brands, you can get an additional Green Star innovation point at no extra cost.


Ecolour adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure product quality and batch consistency. Our quality management system has been ISO9001 certified, reflecting our strong commitment to manufacturing excellence.

Green Painters

Ecolour is a member of Green Painters

Ecolour supplies a wide range of residential and commercial projects across Australia

Reno Rumble – Grand Final

Reno Rumble – House 4

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Ecolour has interior, exterior & timber finishes suitable for residential & commercial applications

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Our products are available in just about any colour from any paint chart

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Ecolour provides free* shipping (for orders over $150) direct to your door Australia wide

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