The Product

 Low VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound ) paints are being offered to the Australian market as healthier alternatives to traditional paints.

There has been significant growth of this niche over the last five years as public awareness over the effects of chemical outgassing from paint has increased. Low VOC paints now being specified by most architects and requested by most consumers. Improving indoor air quality is important to human health with direct links to asthma, autism, cancer and other health conditions.

Low VOC paints, though, still outgas for up to five years after application and are impacting people’s health as evidenced in many recent independent studies.

Based on unique formulations Ecolour offers the ONLY full range of Zero VOC paints and can offer benefits during and after painting.

Ecolour is easy to apply and with great coverage, painters all around Australia are enjoying using Ecolour while noticing health benefits.

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