Reno Rumble – Week 2

This week it was all about whites in living areas for Blue Team, with a bright blue & gold feature wall in the bedroom.

WK2_Blue_MillPark_Reveal_Lounge_SN-1 WK2_Blue_MillPark_Reveal_Dining_Jl-8 WK2_Blue_MillPark_Reveal_BlakesRoom_SN-1-2

The Red Team also stuck with white in the living areas, with an orange (peach) feature wall in the bedroom.

WK2_Red_Viewbank_Reveal_Kitchen_HJ-1 WK2_Red_Viewbank_Reveal_Living_All-1 WK2_Red_Viewbank_Reveal_Bed2-2

You can check out the final room reveals here: