Leila’s Cubby Retreat started out as a rustic cubby hut, that mum Sue built 8 years ago for her and her brother, Keyaan, from recycled materials. It was unlined, unpainted and had a ply roof.  When they moved 4 years ago, it was dismantled and reassembled a Mt Tambourine.  It was the children’s museum, housing collections of bones, rocks, feathers and artefacts.

Earlier this year, 10 year old Leila said she’d like to turn it into a retreat, a place in which she could read, write and even sleep at night. She wanted a modern look with bright colours. And so began the Cubby Retreat Project, which is still a work in progress.

The rejuvenated cubby retreat is fully lined and sealed, has an insulated corrugated iron roof, glass panels in all the shutters, ceramic window and door knobs, a solar light and, is painted in a selection of stunning and beautiful Ecolour paints. 

The floor is also painted, and after another coat it will be sealed with the Ecolour clear timber sealer.

The cubby is to be furnished with a pallet bed, bookshelf, table and chair, all to be painted with the same Ecolour paints. Then lastly we will paint the exterior.  

“We’re all in love with the new-look cubby!💕”  Check out some photos below.   

Ecolour is delighted to be part of Sue’s creative project, supplying zero-VOC paints to add a splash of colour.

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