Tobias and his family are passionate about living in a space free from the harmful affects of products that many of us take for granted….like volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in paint.  His research led him to Ecolour.   Our paint contains no harmful VOCs.

VOCs are harmful chemicals that release (outgas) from paint as it dries.  VOCs have been shown to contribute to many health conditions including breathing difficulties, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and even cancer.

A natural look was created by using Polyclear, our zero-VOC clear sealer (suitable for interior timber and concrete).   To quote Tobias, the Polyclear “nailed it!” and he found it easy to work with.

Tobias commented “I can’t speak highly enough about your products, I rave about them to everyone”.

Oliver, the Project Manager and Quality Control Officer, appeared suitably impressed with the workmanship and finished product, you can check him in action below.  May Oliver’s Lego skills go from strength to strength.

Ecolour is pleased to be part of Tobias’ healthy home journey, supplying zero-VOC Polyclear.  Let us be part of your next healthy and creative project, jump online at or call us on 1300 326 568, we’re here to help.  We  thank Tobias for sharing his story and photos with us.