Little Big People

LittleBigLearning is a company that puts the earth before profits and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. It was born to fill a gap in the children’s product market, a company that thinks of Little people as the Big people they are.  Their products take inspiration from Montessori, RIE and Gentle Parenting philosophies.

Over a sleep deprived year, LittleBigLearning designed a range of Montessori inspired products.  Their Australian made Learning Towers and Climbing Frames have been invited into (now 1000’s) of homes, education and paediatric therapy centres around Australia.

As they’ve grown and discovered, a select line of wonderful ‘Other Things’ was created. These products are sustainable, ethically made and of a high quality.

Like Ecolour, LittleBigThings are an environmentally conscious company and is always striving to reduce their carbon footprint by using ourPlants For Products program (planting a tree per eligible product sold), offering carbon neutral delivery and using eco-friendly packaging options wherever possible. They take enormous pride in making and curating products that can be passed down through families. That is, products that will last, products that are worth keeping and also, products that won’t end up in the belly of a dolphin – #saynotoplastic.

Ecolour shares in the wonderful philosophy of LittleBigLearning and is pleased to have our zero-VOC Polyclear as their clear timber finish of choice.  Let us be part of your next healthy and creative project, jump online at or call us on 1300 326 568, we’re here to help.  Ecolour hopes Steph and Lauren turn a little business into a big success.

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