Victoria University 6-star green star


Vic Uni pushes the 6-star boundaries

The new Sunshine Skills Hub at Victoria University is the hub for Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses in Melbourne’s West.  It prepares individuals for the unpredictable future of work, a place where the physical and digital worlds converge.

The Skills Hub provides flexible training solutions that focus on developing the skills industry demand. Skills that involve a blend of creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and specialist technical skills in emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing, drone surveying, construction robotics, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

OH&S standards previously required Vic Uni to notify staff and students about upcoming painting and the potential harm from paint fumes, this resulted in mass absenteeism.  With Ecolour’s zero-VOC and near odourless paint this is no longer required, saving money for Vic Uni and reducing disruption to student learning.

By upgrading to a premium quality paint, it also reduced maintenance costs with less wear and tear and easier to clean walls (students like leaning back on their chairs and marking the walls).

Using Ecolour zero-VOC, GECA certified paint helped the project achieve a 6-star green star rating.   Architect Woods Bagot focus on improving indoor air quality by using low or zero-VOC emitting materials and encourage natural air flow.   The green star rating system assesses the sustainability of projects at all stages of the built environment lifecycle.   From architectural drawings and community development plans to the bricks and mortar of construction, from the chairs and paints of interior fitouts to the energy monitoring and waste management of building operations, Green Star is there to help you achieve the best sustainability outcomes.  South Melbourne Building Services did all the painting and achieved a great result on this, their first time using Ecolour paint.

Victoria University is one of many universities using Ecolour paint for a hard wearing zero-VOC finish.  Head online at or call us on 1300 326 568 to find out more.

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