What’s Old, is New Again

What’s Old is New Again

We live in a wasteful era of fast everything – fashion, furniture, attention spans – so it was refreshing to hear Jacqueline and Ron’s story.  They did a fabulous job repurposing some good quality second hand furniture to make Flynn’s room just that little bit more special.  Using Ecolour’s zero-VOC paint, they added a colourful flair and had the confidence of knowing they were using the safest paint for their precious cargo.  

It took some effort but the result was worth it. As Ron said “I didn’t anticipate the time it took to sand back the original finish, the multiple coats of paint plus drying time in between, together with the intricate masking involved in order to get the two tone finish!”  At times, Jacqueline yelled “why didn’t we just go buy something new?!” especially at a time when we had a myriad of other things to organise before little Flynn was born.  

So would they do it again?   It was a resounding yes….“In a heartbeat!!”    Please get in touch with Ecolour if you need advice for your next project, 1300 526 324.  

Before …

After …