Link Between Household Chemicals and Childhood Asthma?

A new children’s health program is being launched in Brisbane to investigate the link between childhood diseases including asthma and ADHD and household chemicals.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 25% of the global burden of disease is due to adverse and preventable environmental exposures and children are especially vulnerable.

Professor Peter Sly, Deputy Director of Qld Children’s Medical Research Institute states that “There is increasing data that a lot of the chemicals we use in our homes can have an impact on a developing child and even more importantly on a developing foetus when a mothers pregnant.”

He goes on to state “Unfortunately our environment now is full of chemicals which remain in the environment for a long time, and mostly we’ve ignored them, and we are now just starting to see that some of the chronic diseases we see in childhood may be related to these agents that have been introduced into our environment.”

Click here to listen to Professor Peter Sly’s interview on the ABC