Colour Choice

With over 36,000 formulas, Ecolour can match just about any colour from any paint chart. Your local hardware store will have colour chips you can take home and put up on your walls to see what works best. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, simply tell us the name of the colour you are after, and who makes it, and we can tint your Ecolour order to match.

For some colour inspiration, you can take a look at the designs put together by the Reno Rumble contestants using Ecolour paint.

What About White

Whilst we have plenty of colours to choose from, whites remain the most popular choice. Not sure of which off-white colour to choose for your home? Don’t worry it’s easier than you may think. There are hundreds of off-whites available, and in recent years there has been a trend towards brighter whites. As such the reflected light from flooring and other furnishings will influence the actual colour seen on the walls in your home. But most off-whites are either a light brown or grey, with warmer or cooler tones added.

To choose the white that will best suit your space, start by looking at colours that are already in your home, such as the the floor coverings, furniture and artwork. Then consider what colours are outside that may reflect light into your home. Is it more cool greys common in the city or warm browns/greens that are typical in the country? The last thing is how much natural light does you home get as a home with a lot of windows may be need a darker wall colour to not be too glary whereas a home with fewer windows may need a brighter white so it doesn’t look too gloomy.

We’ve found from years of supplying paints to residential and commercial sites that the vast majority of projects will look great with one of the four white options below. Working with a white base gives you the most flexibility. From there you can introduce colour with your furnishings, or perhaps even a feature wall.

Warm Tones

If you’re working on a space with warm tones (think wooden floors, rich brown leather, traditional, natural finishes) then go for a white with brown/yellow undertones

Warm White

A rich and more traditional off white with ochre and umber tints

Classic White

A cleaner, brighter natural white that is currently our most popular