How much paint do I need?

With Ecolour you can order your products individually, or try our painting kits that contain all the paint and accessories you need. The information below provides a good guide to how much paint you’ll need for a typical small (3mx3m), medium (4mx4m), or large (5mx6m) room. You can also use our paint calculator to get an estimate.

New Surfaces

We recommend one coat of Primer Undercoat and two top coats. For uncoated surfaces, our Primer Undercoat will cover around 8-10sqm per litre. Our interior paints will cover approximately 16sqm per litre (second coat coverage sometimes better than first coat). Typical paint requirements are as follows:

Small Room (3mx3m)

Medium Room (4mx4m)

Large Room (5mx6m)

Repainting Surfaces

We recommend two top coats. However if painting over existing oil based enamel, you will need to first use Krud Kutter Gloss-Off or Zinsser Smart Prime primarily for improved adhesion. For repainting, our products will cover around 16sqm per litre.  Typical paint requirements are as follows:

Small Room (3mx3m)

Medium Room (4mx4m)

Large Room (5mx6m)

Paint Calculator

Please note: recommended quantities are provided as a guide only and assume 2.7m ceilings with 1 door & window for a small room, and 2 doors & windows for medium and large rooms. Paint requirements will be affected by application methods, substrate, sheen level and colour chosen. For strong or bright colours you may need to factor in an additional coat.

A Better Painting Experience

1. Order Online

Easy online ordering with free delivery to your door (for orders over $150*)

2. Easy Application

Glides on smooth, wash up in water

3. Breathe Easy

Enjoy your freshly painted room immediately, breathe easy know the air is VOC free