Dex Prep Timber Cleaner


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Timber brightener.

Recommended Uses

Cleans and brightens very old weathered dirty or grey timber prior to coating.


6-8sqm/L when diluted

Application Advice

To avoid patchy results, spot cleaning should be avoided and where possible a complete section should be cleaned at the same time. For best results Quantum Dex Prep should be applied to cool surfaces out of direct sunlight to avoid cleaner drying on the timber prior to removal.
Remove surface dirt by sweeping or hosing.
Shake Dex Prep thoroughly and mix in a plastic container or bucket. For general cleaning, one part timber cleaner to five parts water. For severe staining or
discolouration a stronger or undiluted solution or repeat application may be necessary.
Quantum Dex Prep may not remove old deep seated fungal stains and timber marking dyes.
Wet the surface to be cleaned.
Apply mixture generously with a scouring or scrubbing brush and scrub timber
Leave mixture on timber for 10 – 15 minutes.
Rinse off exterior surfaces thoroughly using maximum pressure from a garden hose. A high pressure water cleaner is recommended for large areas or badly discoloured timber.
Interior surfaces must be cleaned with a sponge and water.

Further Information

Product Data Sheet – Dex Prep Timber Cleaner

Material Safety Data Sheet – Dex Prep Timer Cleaner


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