Medium Room Repaint Kit


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This kit contains all you need to repaint a typical medium (4m x 4m) room:

  • 6 litres Eco Living Interior low sheen wall paint
  • 4 litres Ceiling White flat paint
  • 2 litres Econamel gloss door and trim paint
  • Information sheet / Painting tips
  • Applicators Kit including:
    • 5 Section Extension pole
    • 50mm Angled cutter brush
    • 2 x 100mm gloss roller sleeves
    • 100mm roller frame
    • 230mm Heavy duty roller tray
    • 230mm Roller frame
    • 230mm 11mm nap roller sleeve
    • 2.6m x 3.6m plastic drop sheet
    • Wooden paint stirrer
    • Medium/fine flexible sanding block
    • 24mm Blue masking tape

Recommended Uses
Suitable for interior walls, ceilings, doors & trim.

Choose from our 4 most popular whites, or choose any colour from any colour chart. Not sure what will work best in your room? We can provide a free colour consult over the phone after you purchase your kit.

16sqm/L on smooth surfaces (8-10sqm/L on rough, unpainted surfaces).

Application Advice
Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean and free of dust, dirt, mould, contaminants and any flaking or blistering paint. Fill any cracks or holes with a suitable filler. Surfaces previously painted with oil based enamel need to be cleaned with an etch cleaner, such as Gloss Off, to ensure adhesion. Use Ecolour Primer Undercoat for unpainted surfaces, then apply 2 top coats. An additional coat may be required if using or painting over deeper colours.

Stir well with a broad flat stirrer to a relatively even consistency. Do not apply in temperatures below 10ºC or above 35ºC. When applying in hot and windy conditions or when painting very absorbent surfaces, dampen the surface with water before painting or thin the paint with 100ml of water per litre.

ECOLOUR paints can be applied by roller, brush or spray gun. Apply 1 generous coat making sure the surface is covered thoroughly and evenly. Touch dry in 30 minutes. Allow 2 hours before applying top coat or longer in humid, cold or damp conditions.

Care and Maintenance
This product will provide a scrubbable surface that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Surface scratches can be repaired by cutting back and re-coating.

Further Information

Product Data Sheet (PDS) – Eco Living Interior – Low Sheen

Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) – Eco Living Interior – Low Sheen

Product Data Sheet (PDS) – Ceiling White

Additional information


Warm White, Classic White, Cool White, Modern White, Other Colour (provide colour name below), Free Phone Consult (we'll call you prior to tinting your order)


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