Maximise IEQ

Zero VOC means the best possible indoor air quality, and an additional Green Star innovation point

Minimise WHS Risk

Zero VOC means zero worries about work health and safety risks

Maximise Asset Utilisation

Zero VOC means you can reoccupy painted spaces within hours, with no smell complaints

The Ecolour Advantage

Premium Quality

Excellent coverage, durability, and finish is what you can expect from Ecolour’s synthetic paints, with our premium range guaranteed for 10 years. Easy to apply, our water-based paint can be sprayed, rolled or brushed. By using Ecolour paint, developments can also receive an additional Green Star innovation point at no extra cost.

Full Range & Colours

Ecolour has interior, exterior & timber finishes for suitable for residential, commercial & retail applications. Our products are available in just about any colour from any paint chart.

Zero VOCs

As the industry moves towards reducing VOCs in buildings, Ecolour provides a truly zero VOC option. Zero VOC means zero concerns for you and your customers about potential WHS issues. Painting can take place next to occupied spaces during normal work hours, with no need to flush out the HVAC system after painting. We can provide you with an Ecolour zero-VOC certificate for each job you complete and your customers can have the confidence to reoccupy the space just hours after painting with no concerns about smell or potential health impacts.

10 Year Guarantee

Our products come with a full commercial paint guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Cost Competitive

Ecolour paints are competitively priced with the major brands. We also provide trade discounts. For commercial jobs that are particularly price conscious, try the Ecolour Trade Zero range.

Nationwide Delivery & Sales Support

Ecolour delivers direct to site Australia wide. All commercial clients are assigned an Ecolour BDM who can provide pricing, delivery options and product advice. Ecolour is seeking approved applicators that we can refer to our retail and commercial building owners. Our BDMs are active in the market and looking for ways to provide approved applicators with more opportunities to use Ecolour paint.

Trade Resources

Specification Guide

Interior and exterior application guides

Product Data Sheets

PDS for each Ecolour product


Material Data Safety Sheets for all Ecolour products

A Better Painting Experience, A Better Project Result

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