Ecolour supplies a wide range of residential and commercial projects across Australia.

Residential – Key Advantages

  • No Toxic Smell – zero-VOC means you there’s no need to move out while painting takes place
  • Safe – Ecolour is the safest possible choice for you and your family

Commercial – Key Advantages

  • Green Star Points – by using Ecolour paint, developments can receive additional Green Star innovation points at no extra cost
  • Zero-VOC Spec – as architects move towards low & zero-VOC specifications for building materials, Ecolour ensures you are eligible to tender for a wider range of projects
  • Asset Utilisation – customers are generally looking to use the area you’re painting as soon as possible after you are done (hotels & hospitals in particular want people back in rooms asap). With Ecolour they can move back in straight away
  • WHS Liability – zero-VOC means zero worries for you and your customers about potential WHS liability
  • No Smell Complaints – zero-VOC means you can paint next to occupied spaces during normal work hours, no need to come in after hours and no need to flush out the HVAC system after painting

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